Dotazník pro Daliu Nassar / Role of women in fighting occupation in East Jerusalem

11.11.2018 13:55

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00:26 Please introduce yourself and your organization.

04:43 Can you give some specific examples of how you work on a daily basis?

08:59 You study psychology. How do your studies help you in your work? How important is psychology in Palestine?

14:04 You have a fiancé from Ramallah, but you live in Jerusalem. Where are you going to live together? 

18:27 Your parents were human rights defenders and you yourself are very active in civic society. What is the role of women in protests against the occupation?

34:00 You were shot by a live bullet missing your heart just by millimeters. Should the soldier who shot you be punished?

37:35 In the Czech Republic, it is the Palestinians who are presented in the media as being violent. What is your comment on that?

41:07 What is the hope for you in Jerusalem, and for other Palestinians in Jerusalem? And what do you think of the One-State solution?

46:17 In an ideal world, how would you resolve the occupation? What would you do if you had some magical power?

47:45 You like literature, and I know you like Kafka. What do you like about him?


Dalia Nassar – studied International Relations and continues in her MA degree in Community Psychology. Dalia has been active with the Union of Palestinian Women Committees (UPWC) since early age when she joined and supported many campaigns, especially on Jerusalem. In her work she focuses on the social, psychological, and economic conditions of women in Jerusalem. Dalia was born into politically active Christian family; her mother Maha was a member the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). “Some people think that because I am from a Christian family I have more freedom than Muslim women but that’s not true. We all suffer from the same social restrictions,” she says. The activist has been a strong advocate of social justice and women’s rights in Palestine.

Union of Palestinian Women Committees (UPWC) – UPWC struggles to empower Palestinian women and develop their circumstances to achieve real equity between men and women as well as equity among all social classes. Moreover, the Union fights to ensure positive affirmation of women within all the laws active in Palestine. UPWC strives to build a civil democratic progressive community free of all forms of discrimination and respects women rights as part of human rights in general.