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Jasman Wagner / Jamal Fattah - start a debate

Today's guests are Jasman Wagner and Jamal Fattah
Jasman Wagner, born in Jerusalem in 1982, was declared “too crazy” for military service after a talk with the army psychiatrist, also known as military profile 21. After getting her psychiatric exemption, she founded a band called “21.” Jasman played the piano, sang and wrote most of the songs, most of which were against the draft and about what the Israeli army does. She later earned a Master's degree in composition from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. However, she was almost denied her degree because she had written a concerto in protest of the academy forcing students to perform in the Occupied Territories. They had been told that if they refused to perform in the Occupied Territories, their scholarship would be taken from them. After the end of her studies 5 years ago, Jasman bought a one way ticket to Berlin and has stayed there ever since. She works as an art and music therapist for disabled people, and volunteers helping refugees. She has been married for two years.
Jamal Fattah was born in Palestine in 1937, leaving in 1955 for work to help his family. In 1958 he was lucky enough to study medicine in Czechoslovakia. After graduation in 1965, Dr. Fattah worked in a hospital for four years before moving to the Persian Gulf to work for the next 20 years there. After the Gulf War, he returned with his family to Czechoslovakia, which later became the Czech Republic. Today he is still enjoying his life on pension, feeling that he is nearly at home.